Singing Lessons in Newcastle, Nationally & Internationally at Kathryn Lowdon Vocal Studio


“He (Sam) loves working with you too and I think already it’s been a super positive couple of weeks!”

Owain Davies, Sam Fender’s Manager



“Just listened to Evie she sounds lovely thanks so much! She’s really loving the lessons with you and it’s really boosting her confidence!! She mentioned modelling the merchandise for you as well and she’s super excited for that! Thanks so much she really needed a confidence boost and you have really done wonders for her!” Holly Armstrong


“I just want to also say a massive thank you for all the work you have done with Jeannie over the last couple of years. I really can’t believe how far she’s come since starting lessons with you. I’m blown away by her voice and her growing confidence in her ability and she’s really starting to work on the storytelling too. She absolutely loves her lessons with you. So thank you 🙏🏻 I’m not sure we tell you enough how much we appreciate you.” Gemma Morgan, Jeannie’s Mum


“Hi Kathryn, I really wanted to thank you for the sessions and how they’ve really improved my confidence. I made the Mancunion newspaper with my band at Manchester University and couldn’t help but think about the all the times I spent going over things with you.”  Yanat Mengisha


“Thanks for the opportunity to take part in the summertime event on Saturday. It’s clear that there is lots of singing talent in the area. Mark and I both enjoyed being part of such a special evening.” Sian Evans


“Rhys and Demi have showed me the pics and videos from last night – how amazing! Rhys is buzzing. It looked a lovely special night. Thank you so much for giving Rhys the opportunity he’s on cloud 9. That will absolutely help his confidence.” Dean Bosworth


“Thank you so much for having me Kathryn! I had such an amazing time and everyone was so amazing at the showcase.” Robert McClean


“Thank You to Kathryn Lowdon Vocal Studios for being so gorgeous with my girl and spending time teaching her in such a beautiful manner. So proud of my baby girl singing her little heart out last night.” Ashleigh Howie


“Omg! What a roaring success your night was! I was blown away at the showcase. We really had the best time. Your students should all be so so so proud of themselves. I’m totally doing a gothic Halloween song at the next one!” Sarah McKinnon


“Thanks to Kathryn and her staff for tonight. It was the best night!” Kit Cooper


“It’s really great to have a great teacher!” Helen Hrynenko


“Sorry to have taken so long to get back to you. You may remember I came to you for singing lessons 3 or 4 years ago because I had been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea. I had found out that singing, or at least singing lessons could alleviate the condition and you kindly constructed a series of singing exercises for me. I should have given you some feedback long before this, but the exercises worked and the diagnosis was reversed! Many thanks for your help and good luck for the future.” David McClure

“Absolutely amazing, incredibly professional as I was very nervous on my first visit but Kathryn overcame my nerves and had me very motivated to rush back to my studio to lay vocals on my song. Thank you immensely lovely and can’t wait to get back to see you.” Mark Sobey

“Amazing service!! My daughter Ellie is now a confident singer, her voice has improved so much since having lessons with Kathryn. She enjoys the showcases too where she gets to perform in front of people. Highy recommend”  Leanne Hetherington

“I have been having singing lessons with Kathryn since she first started her business and throughout that time she has helped me so much, not only with developing my vocal technique but with my confidence. The lessons are fun and relaxed and she makes you feel so welcome. Not only is she my singing teacher but she is a close friend and I look forward to every lesson. I highly recommend her whether you’re just starting out or are more experienced and are looking to improve your technique. She gets to know your individual voice and alters the lesson specifically to suit your vocal needs.” Jasmine Storey

“I started taking lessons with Kathryn back in January of this year and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. My voice has progressed a lot in such a short amount of time and I feel I learn something new from each lesson. I’d definitely recommend her services to any aspiring singers out there!” Tom Dingwall

“Kathryn is a totally amazing singing coach & has given Megan fantastic advice and lessons. She has brought her on heaps & bounds with voice control & confidence!” Maria Rothery

“I’ve been having lessons with Kathryn for about a year now, and not only has my voice improved and grown, but my confidence has also. Kathryn’s guidance and expertise in the field have helped me so much!” Sarah Johnsone

“Kathryn is a passionate, dedicated voice coach. The difference not only in my vocal ability but also my whole confidence and performance has been amazing and I am now doing things I never could have dreamed of before coming along to KLVS!” Jon Isbell

“Kathryn is fantastic! The difference in my voice after just over a year is incredible and I never thought I’d grow so much as a singer in such a short space of time! Kathryn is also great at helping you to devolop your musical artistry too. She really gets to know who you are so that she can help you to express yourself when singing.” Oliver Smith

“Brilliant. I’ve been going for a couple of weeks now and already have learnt so much, my voice has improved greatly and I always feel like it’s a comfortable environment to ask questions.” Taylor Mitchell

“This girl (Kathryn) is a fab singer and great at her job. I’d recommend her to anyone who is wanting singing lessons.” Rebecca Roman

“Chloe has really enjoyed her lessons and you’ve done wonders for her confidence. I’d definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for lessons. Thanks again.” Vicki Richardson

“My lessons are fun and I love my teacher.” Georgia Brown

“I can feel my voice is less strained after one week.” Ian Smith

“Kathryn is a genius. My voice goes from strength to strength after each lesson.” Nick Booth

“Thank you for helping Kirsty to prepare for her audition. She got the part and will be playing Dorothy at The Theatre Royal” Susan Lee

“Connie has really come on since she started her lessons here. She made everyone cry with pride when she performed at her Mam’s wedding.” Jenn Forster

“A very long and demanding rehearsal last night, I was exhausted! However, my voice was not. I heard some sopranos behind me saying how hard the repertoire was on their voice. I must say that I didn’t feel any strain and there was no hoarseness on returning home. This is a great benefit of your method to me.” Caroline June

“I’ve just tracked Pavarotti singing Una Furtiva Lagrima note for note. I didn’t push it but hit all of the high notes. Also, a tenor called Jonas Kaufman, singing Cuore ‘ngrato. If you’re right about me being a tenor, this is me winning the lottery and it’s a whole lot better that money!” Peter Linton

“I have really enjoyed singing with you-you are a fab teacher!” Tom Spence

“Thank you for introducing me to jazz and blues this year. I enjoyed the way you gave background to the songs, singers and your own insights to the music, and advice on using our voices. I appreciate your work and all the best for 2019” Mary Imlah

“I just really wanted to thank you for your dedication and good work you show when teaching Anna. All of your teaching sounds so good and I am sure Anna will improve a great deal.” Tracey Ingram

”It’s great to work with someone so special and professional” Betty Beck

“There was a time in my life when I couldn’t even sit in the same room as someone new and sing but, Kathryn taught me to turn everything into a positive and a learning curve, to not worry about what other people are thinking and to own all that I do. From being a timid 13 year old to a 16 year old taking on new challenges. Couldn’t have done it without her support over the years. Thank you so much Kathryn for changing my life. You are the best singing teacher not only in Newcastle but the whole of the UK. I have never known such a smart woman…….everything you say has power and uplifts me every time I walk out of your studio” Caitlin Dixon

“I just got your email about raising your prices and I wanted to say “well done”. You are exceptionally good at what you do and you’ve put a lot into your work and craft. It is the right decision and I have no hesitation in saying that the value you provide to your students is worth it. Wishing you even more success in the future.” John Hill

“Kathryn Lowdon is an excellent teacher; so patient and knowledgeable. But, primarily a very inspiring person who has given me lots of confidence to find and develop my voice. She is a hard worker and seems to be constantly in her studio either teaching, practising or learning the drums. But finally, she is a belting singer! Her passion for music is matched only by her ability. I am a devoted disciple of Kathryn’s and I have been extremely fortunate to be mentored by one of Newcastle’s finest”. Joe Fowler

“I’ve had lessons with Kathryn for over two years now and she has greatly improved my singing. Throughout these two years she has helped find my chest voice, develop my confidence and helped me get into The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. She goes above and beyond for her students, making them feel comfortable, welcome and relaxed in every lesson. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for singing, and sometimes, life advice.” Rachel Beck

“Thank you Kathryn, you’ve really helped me since I first started with you in 2017 and now I feel like I can accomplish anything.” Varun Thaman

“I would like to take the time to thank you personally for tonight. What an amazing show and the work you do is unbelievable. You have this glow and presence about you that is wonderful. I really didn’t think Caitlin would get up and sing tonight but with all of her hard work she did. Thanks for believing in her!” Lisa Locket