Safeguarding Children in Music

Kathryn Lowdon Child Protection Policy

At Kathryn Lowdon Vocal Studio, we work as a team to ensure the safety of all children who come to us for singing lessons. 

We do this by:

  1. All staff completing ‘Child Protection in Education Training’ in their induction programme.
  2. All staff should have an Advanced DBS check that is updated annually.
  3. Asking all students to complete a ‘Student Information Sheet’ in their first assessment lesson. This ensures we have the home address of all children and can report any concerns to the relevant social services safeguarding team.
  4. Ensuring our environment is safeguarding friendly. Staff should always leave the door open or ensure they can be witnessed by another staff member when teaching children.
  5. Installing security cameras in each teaching room for staff and child safety.
  6. All singing lessons will be on an audio recording for the students learning but it is also useful for the child/teacher protection if any issues should arise.
  7. Refraining from touching children when demonstrating vocal exercises or get permission from the parent if needed. Touching children should be your last resort in your teaching.
  8. Being mindful of children and how they present. If you have concerns about neglect, health needs or abuse please speak to Kathryn Lowdon straight away who is the studio Safeguarding Officer. Kathryn will then contact the relevant safeguarding team to report concerns depending on the child’s local authority.
  9. Maintaining professional business etiquette with children so they clearly understand the boundaries of your relationship.