Recording Studio

At Kathryn Lowdon Vocal Studios I love to create new and exciting experiences for my students to develop their skills and have fun! I am very happy to announce that I now have my very own recording studio here in Newcastle city centre where there are opportunities for my students to record their vocals in an authentic environment. This studio experience will enable you to learn new skills and take away a high quality recording of your voice to keep forever. This is a great improve your performance skills outside of lessons.

This exciting recording experience will include the following for each learner:

a) a one hour recording slot with mentoring from Kathryn and Producer, Brent March

b) opportunities to improve your microphone technique and learn how to record

c) the chance to learn how to work in a recording studio environment

d) a comfortable experience of being in the recording studio/recording booth to help you gain confidence

e) a mixed and mastered recording of your vocal on a song of your choice to take away at the end of your next lesson.

This brilliant experience costs £40 and it must be payable two weeks before the session takes place to secure your spot. All cancellations will be non refundable. For details about this opportunity, please contact Kathryn on 07794 040 802 or email me by clicking here click here

Hear my students below: