Recording Studio Experience

At Kathryn Lowdon Vocal Studios we love to create new, exciting and educational experiences for our students to develop their singing skills in the recording studio environment! We are very happy that we now have our very own recording studio here in The John Marley Centre. Our studio was originally created by a £5 million pound investment from Newcastle College who previously occupied the building for their music and production courses. These are some of the best recording rooms in Newcastle. Therefore, we now have opportunities for our students to record their own vocals in an authentic environment. This recording studio experience will enable you to learn new skills and take away a high quality recording of your voice to keep forever. This is a great way improve your singing and performance skills outside of lessons.

You will get 1:1 mentoring from both Kathryn and Sound Designer, Matthew Tuckey.

About Matthew Tuckey – Sound Designer

Matthew is a Sound Designer and Sound Artist working across theatre, music, installation, podcast and film. His work as Sound Designer includes: Festen (Royal Central School of Speech and Drama);Our Karen R&D (ARC Stockton); Love It If We Beat Them (Live Theatre); The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Northern Stage); Josey R&D, Repeat Signal, Lost Found and Told: New Tales forNorthumberland (November Club); World’s Apart, Roaming River (Woven Nest Theatre);Wolf! (Kitchen Zoo/Northern Stage); joey (Gobscure/Greyscale Theatre); Smoke & Mirrors (Molly Barrett/Enchanted Parks Gateshead); Floorboards, Trolley BoyWalter (Alphabetti Theatre).

His work as Sound Artist includes: The Rime (multichannel installation); An Audio Diary in Binaural, January 2021 (for headphones); South Bend (05-06/20) (EP); Fed Up, Foodbank Histories Project (Newcastle University Oral History Unit & Collective).

His work as Associate Sound Designer includes: Under The Sea (Tiny Dragon Productions);You Heard Me (Luca Rutherford); When the World is Loud (Mortal Fools); A Christmas Carol (Northern Stage); Oh No, George! (Can’t Sit Still); Stella (Filskit Theatre); Land: Beating the Bounds (Northumbria University at Live Theatre). He is very experienced in his field and is looking forward to sharing his wealth of knowledge and skills with our students at KLVS.

About our Recording Studio Experience

This exciting recording experience will include the following for each student:

1) a one hour recording slot with mentoring from Kathryn and Sound Designer, Matthew Tuckey.

2) opportunities to improve your microphone technique and learn how to record your voice in a professional studio.

3) the chance to learn how to work in a recording studio environment and get a feel for what it is like recording in a sound booth.

4) an opportunity for you to test the water with your voice in a safe and supportive environment and enable you to gain confidence in the recording studio.

5) the opportunity for you to develop your ear training and help you to listen to your own voice recorded by a professional.

6) a mixed and mastered recording of your vocal on a song of your choice to take away at the end of your session. The format will be an Mp3 which you can keep forever and share with your friends and family.

This brilliant experience costs £90.00 and it must be paid two weeks before the session takes place to secure your spot. All cancellations will be non refundable.

For details about this opportunity, please contact Kathryn on or call 07794040802 Looking forward to hearing from you!