Environmental and Sustainability Policy

Kathryn Lowdon Sustainability & Environmental Plan 2023

On an annual basis, KLVS staff set out goals to make our business as environmentally friendly as possible. This year, we have pledged to:

-Recycling & Waste

From January 2023, KLVS will introduce waste sorting bins into the studio. All general waste and recycling should be separated correctly and disposed of in the waste bins in The John Marley Centre car park.

-Cleaning Products

From January 2023, KLVS will  switch to using environmentally friendly cleaning products such as soap, washing up liquid, glass cleaner and multipurpose spray. Kitchen roll and tissues will be made from recycled materials.

-Light Bulbs

In 2023, KLVS will transfer to energy efficient light bulbs and will consult with Breeze Creatives to do this.

-Furniture & Fittings

In the future, KLVS will invest in recycled furniture and fittings.

-Reconditioned Computers/Electrical’s

All staff will be encouraged to purchase reconditioned laptops and second hand electrical equipment when necessary.

-Heating and Air Conditioning

At the moment, KLVS staff have limited ability to change energy suppliers as we only rent the room. However, we can discuss ways to improve our carbon footprint with the management of the building and will suggest more sustainable energy such as solar panels.

The air conditioning and heating system should only be used when we are in the studio and should be switched off when we are not at work.

-Online Lessons

Whenever possible, we will encourage long distance customers to have online lessons. This will reduce travel emissions and reduce our carbon footprint.

Planting a Tree

In 2023, each staff member will contact The National Trust to plant a tree to contribute towards lowering carbon emissions.