About the Studio


Our Mission Statement

“To spread skills, knowledge and tools of solid voice technique, performance technique, style and confidence to the wider community; enabling people from all walks of life (regardless of social class, age, race, gender, sexual orientation, culture or religious belief) to use their voice in a healthy manner. We believe everyone deserves access to the joy of singing in a safe, healthy, creative and joyful way.”


The Studio Space

Kathryn Lowdon Vocal Studio is based at The John Marley Centre in Benwell which is a stunning art deco school that is currently being renovated back to it’s original glory.

We are based in the building where Newcastle College previously held their Music and Production course. Therefore, our studio has state of the art sound proofing and an authentic recording studio environment. They are some of the best music rooms in the region.

So, if you are a little self conscious, there is no need to worry that you will be heard from passers by. The walls, windows and doors are all fully sound proofed for your comfort!

We have two sound proof studios from which our students and teachers work. There is studio one which is the larger studio and is decorated in a blue and gold theme. Kathryn tends to teach from there.


Then we have studio two which is a smaller sound proof studio which is grey and pink where Joseph and Oliver tend to work from.


The building has free onsite parking for your convenience and we have created a lovely, sound proof waiting room where friends and relatives can treat themselves to refreshments whilst you have your lesson.

Additionally, we are amongst a thriving creative community of studio holders from visual artists, rappers, music producers, ballet dancers to candle makers, gym goers, massage therapists, curry chefs and pottery makers. It is a diverse, creative and exciting building. We even have our own independent record store and coffee shop.

At The John Marley Centre, we also have two large performance spaces where Kathryn hosts our regular choirs, workshops and student showcases. You will get to perform in these beautiful spaces.

We look forward to welcoming you to our studio and we hope you have a great experience here.