A Child who Sings is a Happy Child!

When is the best time to start?


I often get queries from parents asking me when is the best age for children to start having singing lessons. They tend to have anxieties about being “too pushy” or too strict with their children which is a very normal way to feel.

I often recommend that 5 years old is the earliest time as this means most children have developed the concentration required to manage a 30 minute singing lesson. For some children, this can be too long to concentrate on just singing so I incorporate creative methods to keep the child engaged.

I have a range of creative methods to help children to remember their lyrics such as drawing, painting and using play dough. For some children who enjoy being physically active or enjoy “doing things” this can also include playing the piano or making up dance moves. The main thing is that children are engaged in music if their natural curiosity is leading them there. I believe that it will help children to build their confidence and identity if they are involved in a hobby they feel positive about (along with positive feedback from adults).

If your child is showing signs of an interest in singing but they are younger than 5 years old, I recommend that you encourage them to listen to music in the car, at home and at school or nursery until they reach the point when they are ready for lessons.

I hope this is helpful,