Singing Lessons and Workshops in Newcastle Contact Kathryn on: 07794 040 802

Kathryn and her teachers run regular workshops for children and adults at our studio in Newcastle city centre. We can also create bespoke vocal workshops to meet the individual needs of an organisation or group of learners. Here are some workshops that we currently have on offer:

Confidence Workshop for Young People

Kathryn is now delivering a confidence workshop which is in high demand for young performers throughout the North East to help them develop their self confidence on stage, to help them own what they uniquely bring to the table and to develop their stage presence.

Kathryn trained with one of the UK’s leading Psychotherapy Institutes and drawing on her experience there combined with vocal coaching, she is going to help students to resolve some of the emotional issues that impact on their stage performance and give them the resources to build their resilience on stage.

Some of the things they will learn are:

-effective psychological techniques to easily manage their performance nerves
-self empowerment skills
-how to project their voice confidently with authority and ways to develop a self assured posture
-owning their unique personalities and making a great first impression
-developing resilience and a good psychological defence, enabling them to perform in a range of environments
-skills to help them when dealing with negative people
-managing their emotions in competitive situations

Workshops are delivered in 2×3 hour sessions which cost £40 and are suitable for 11-16 year olds 

Date: Saturday 23rd February & Saturday 2nd March 10am-1pm
Address: Breeze Creatives,
Bamburgh House,
Market Street East

Please get in touch with Kathryn if you feel that you or your child work benefit from this workshop on or 07794040802. It will be lovely to hear from you.

Vocal Technique for Singers


Kathryn delivers workshops based on the IVA singing technique for those who feel more comfortable learning in a group environment. Participants will learn the basics of solid vocal technique and how to apply it to their songs.

Acting for Singers


Kathryn teaches a group workshop of acting singers to use their imagination and their body to perform and bring to life song lyrics. This workshop is based on the work of Rhonda Carlson and her book ‘What Should I do with my Hands?’ which Kathryn has studied extensively to enhance her own performances and feels so passionate about enabling others to do the same. This workshop is delivered throughout the year at Kathryn’s Studio in Newcastle city centre.

The Beatles Ukulele Workshop for Adults

This workshop is delivered by our guitar teacher Tom Dingwall and is aimed at singers and musicians of all abilities who would like to learn how to play ukulele to Beatles repertoire. The three month course runs on Monday evenings 6-7.30pm and begins begins on 3rd September 2018 at Kathryn Lowdon Music School in Newcastle and costs £30 per month.

Music Theory: The Basics

COMING SOON! Our saxophone teacher Alex Saxon will be delivering a weekly music theory class for all instrumentalists and singers from our Music School in Newcastle city centre.

Recorder Group

COMING SOON! Our saxophone teacher Alex Saxon will be leading a recorder group workshop.

For further information about this, please contact Kathryn via email: or on 07794040802