Singing Lessons in Newcastle and Internationally

I teach private one-on-one lessons by appointment only which are adapted to your individual needs. This is either in person or long distance via Skype. At the end of each lesson you will receive a recording of that lesson on CD or mp3 for you to take away and practice.

Bespoke Lessons

Whether you sing as a hobby or you are a professional performer, the training I deliver is designed to serve your individual needs and aspirations.

Sing your own Music

I will teach you vocal technique and how to sing and you decide your genre, personality and style.

Flexibility Lesson Times and Payment

I am open to you booking individual lessons or reoccurring lessons. Some people prefer weekly lessons and others prefer fortnightly lessons. It is entirely up to you. I usually teach 60, 45 or 30 minute slots. You can pay as you go or purchase a block booking at a discounted rate. I also have regular students who pay by standing order which is again at a discounted rate.

A 60 minute lesson costs £50, a 45 minute lesson costs £40.00 and a 30 minute lesson costs £30.00
I offer block bookings at a discounted rate: 5×60 minute lessons cost £225.00, 5×45 minute lessons costs £175.00 and 5×30 minute lessons costs £125.00.

Audition and Performance Preparation

I can help you to prepare for an upcoming recording session, audition or live performance. I am also able to help with confidence building, developing better self esteem and managing those pre performance nerves.

Educational and performance opportunities

I organise regular performance opportunities at our showcase and support students to improve their recording skills in a studio environment.

Artist development and industry contacts

I have industry contacts who I can signpost you to for support with artistic development and up to date music industry information.


Instructor I Certificate