Children’s Choirs and Singing Groups

Children’s Pop & Musical Theatre Choir

We are so excited to announce our new Pop and Musical Theatre Children’s Choir in Newcastle city centre lead by our fantastic Vocal Instructor Kathryn Lowdon

Children must be from 10 years old to teenagers and the choir will take place during the summer holidays on Thursday evenings from July 25th-August 29th 2018, 4pm-6pm. The choir is open to children regardless of their previous experience with singing. The only requirement is that they enjoy it. The choir will be energetic, catchy and contain music from contemporary musical theatre and pop which is appealing to younger music fans.

Children will make new friends, learn how to sing in groups, learn vocal harmonies, build their confidence and most importantly have fun! They will also get to perform as a choir at our Halloween Student Showcase . The choir costs £6 per session and runs for 6 weeks. A discounted £30 fee will be payable on enrolment by 1st July for those who can make every session. However, we understand it is the holiday period and some of you have trips booked so if the children are absent for a maximum of two sessions, we can help them to catch up without missing out on all of the fun.

Details: Thursday evenings 4pm-6pm, £6 each at Bamburgh House, Kathryn Lowdon Vocal Studio, Market St East, Newcastle NE1 6BH

If you or your children are interested, please let Kathryn Lowdon by 1st July 2018 on 07794040802 or email: katlowdon@hotmail