Singing Lessons in Newcastle

Discounted New Year Gift Vouchers for Sale throughout January 2020!



To mark the beginning of a new decade, Kathryn would like to show her gratitude by offering discounted gift vouchers throughout the month of January. If you have a loved one, friend or family member who would love to have a singing lesson experience for their new year resolution, now is the time take the next step.

Kathryn is a certified Vocal Instructor who has coached singers internationally and locally for over 10 years with a truly amazing student success rate. She teaches artists on major record labels, those with number one records and numerous music industry accolades. She is also the ‘go to’ person in Newcastle city centre for emerging artists and amateur singers.

Gift vouchers are available for individual and block bookings. Here are your options below:

Individual Lessons

Save £10 each

1×60 minutes £40.00 
1×45 minute £30.00
1×30 minute £20.00

Block Bookings

Save £25 each

5×30 minutes £100.00
5×45 minutes £150.00
5×60 minutes £200.00

You can buy your vouchers by contacting Kathryn on 07794040802 or Please make sure you provide your postal address so we can get the voucher to you in time or Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

Kathryn x

Opening Hours:

Mondays 10am-8pm
Tuesdays 1pm-8pm
Wednesdays 4pm-8pm
Thursdays 1pm-8pm
Saturdays 10am-6pm