About Singing Lessons in Newcastle & Internationally

“You are the best singing teacher not only in Newcastle but the whole of the UK. …….everything you say and teach has power and uplifts me every time I walk out of your studio” Caitlin Dixon. 16

About Kathryn

Kathryn is a hard worker who through determination has grown to be the ‘go to’ Vocal Instructor in Newcastle city centre who specialises in solid vocal technique, developing stage presence and confidence building.  It is these three components which make her a favourite amongst her students and artists who come for lessons time and again.

Kathryn has a positive, nurturing and ‘can do attitude’ towards her students, devoting 100% of herself when they come for sessions. This is the foundation from which her students grow and they often talk of feeling uplifted after experiencing her coaching and whilst being in her presence.

She is a qualified Vocal Instructor who is certified with the Institute of Vocal Advancement.

She works with all kinds of singers from children to adults, amateurs to committed professionals and wants the best for all of her students regardless of their aims. Lessons are tailored to your individual needs and you get to sing songs of your choice. Kathryn will teach you how to sing them better and is committed to getting the best out of your voice.

Kathryn has coached singers who have gone on to gain major record deals, Brit Award winners, those who have appeared on The Jools Holland Show and primetime TV in both the UK and America. Two of her artists have also won numerous BBC radio one accolades such as ‘Hottest Record in the World’. Through her positive and ‘can do’ attitude, she mentors singers who are preparing for auditions including those who have gone on to appear on Greece Has Got Talent, finalists in the SoundWaves Music Competition and Teen Star. She has also coached performers through successful auditions for the world famous American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) in Los Angeles and has also coached artists and sculptors for sound art projects which have been exhibited at The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art.

She provides bespoke vocal regimes for professional singers on touring schedules to build stamina and promote vocal health in a climate where singers are experiencing enormous pressure to deliver time and again. She also works alongside speech and language therapists (SALT) and ENT specialists to rebuild voices following health issues such as nodules and warts on the vocal folds.

Kathryn is committed to the importance of confidence building and coaching her students so they can manage their emotions when dealing with the pressures of being a performer and over coming stage fright. She has a number of effective psychological techniques which she has developed through professional training at the Northern Guild for Psychotherapy in Jesmond which has helped her students to have the courage to fulfil their potential.

Through her training with The Institute of Vocal Advancement and Speech Level Singing, she has had the pleasure of ongoing training with world class Master Teachers such as Greg Enriquez (Las Vegas), Jeffrey Skouson (Las Vegas), Guy Babusek (Los Angeles) and Spencer Welch (Vancouver), protégés of Michael Jackson and Prince’s singing Mentor Seth Riggs who have contributed to her voice and teaching in a profound way. It is her passion to bring this knowledge and vocal technique to the adults and children of the North East.

In her hometown, she has been involved in numerous community projects such as leading choirs for people over 50 years old at The Sage Gateshead to help with social inclusion, she is regularly involved coaching women in her local Jewish community and has mentored children in the care system to help them overcome great emotional challenges through music and performance which has enabled them to rebuild their lives following difficult life circumstances.

Kathryn understands what it is like to be a student as she continually updates her education and takes regular singing lessons with Advanced Master Teachers. With the support of great singing mentors, she has performed in New Orleans and Memphis, writes her own music and performs with her professional band. Kathryn has studied jazz and scat singing with Professor Bob Stoloff the Jazz Vocal Lead from the world famous Berklee College of Music in Boston. She also studied with Broadway performance coach, Rhonda Carlson who has inspired her stage presence and performance techniques which she incorporates into her teaching and professional performances.


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